Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: What is batch searching?

A: Batch searching is the concurrent or simultaneous processing of a single search query (keyword or search term) into multiple websites, or similar processing of an entire list of keywords into one or more websites.  Traditionally, websites provide for only a single search term to be entered into a single search bar. Our patent pending process allows websites to be searched and data to be extracted faster than any dynamic search application that we know of, allowing productivity gains of up to 25,000%. Our technology is so unique, we strongly recommend first time visitors use the sample search and the free version on our home page to grasp the incredible, time saving power of this free tool.

  • Q: Is the application easy to use?

A: Yes. If you can search on Google, you can use batchSEARCH.  Searching a list is easy: simply Cut and Paste your list of search terms into the batchSEARCH box, pick your websites, and "Search". Unlike page scraping, harvesting, or data mining programs, there is no programming, coding, or html mapping of any kind. We offer a user-friendly web browser application that anyone can use. Our application is dynamic, which means you can search different lists of terms on different websites to suit your needs.

  • Q: Is it for Personal and Non-Commercial Use only?

A: Yes. Our results are intended for the individual user, company, or organizatoin utilizing our application and may not be directly linked, framed or re-packaged to provide benefits to anyone except the original user.  Our technology may not be used to violate the terms of service of any website.  Users of batchSEARCH are encouraged to increase their efficiecy by using our application but are prohibited from re-selling or using batchSEARCH services in any manner that may cause property violations or infringement of owner's rights.  Please refer to our Terms of Service for details on copyright, trademark, intellectual property and other rights and property issues.

  • Q: How much does membership cost?

A: There is a FREE version of the tool on the home page with a 30 search term daily limit. Our Upgrade page lists prices for wallet or subscription membership usage.  Our rates begin at $5 and we accept PayPal and all major credti cards.

  • Q: How many search terms can I enter at one time?

A: The FREE version allows 30 queries to be searched per day in any combination of lists or single entries.  Members may search up to 1000 queries at once.

  • Q: How many results can I get per search term?

A: The FREE version allows 10 results per search term. Members can extract up to 200 results per term per website. ENTERPRISE website results per term may be even higher, depending on the goals of the website owner or customer.

  • Q: How fast is the batchSEARCH application?

A: Search results should appear on your screen quickly, with larger batches requiring more time. Typically search results are delivered on screen within 1/3 of one second up to 2 seconds per search term. We have no way of verifying how Your internet connection, RAM, processor, and the particular server being queried can or will affect your particular search processing and delivery speeds; we have designed this application to render results from keyword lists and multiple websites faster than any dynamic, on-screen search engine that we know of.

  • Q: How are the search results delivered?

A: All search results are rendered on your screen in streaming real time and may be viewed as individual search term/result folders, a master grid or in image thumbnail mode. Each result is hyperlinked directly to the website page from which it originated for quick access to details or to make purchases from the originating website. All search terms are returned in an indexed, formatted manner and the original entry order is maintained.  Automated Service delivers these results to subscribed Members via RSS or email.  Enterprise Solutions customers can get results in a variety of ways including direct database population.

  • Q: Can I search more than one website at a time?

A: Yes, using single search terms Free users can search up to 6 websites at once and Members may search up to 15 at once. While searching a list of keywords, 3-8 websites can be search at once.  The search output grid, with its indexed and formatted structure, then becomes a powerful data, listing, image, price, product, and inventory comparison tool.

  • Q: Can I save the search outputs?

A: Yes - Members may save results with a click to Excel or .csv file or have results delivered via email or RSS is they have subscribed to the Automation Service.

  • Q: Which websites can be batch searched?

A: Any website with freely available HTML content can be searched.  Websites with passwords and sites not intended for general access may be searched but results may not be delivered or may contain generic data.  Our Featured Websites appear in the main screen of the application and offer targeted, higher quality results (images, named columns, specific extraction of selected data) than websites manually entered by users.  

  • Q: What is Enterprise?

A:  Enterprise - Add Your Site! is our service allowing website owners to add their site to our Featured Website inventory. This can allow their customers to more effectively shop and search their sites and potentially increases SERP rankings and revenue through dramatic growth in page views, clicks, and overall visitor traffic.  Enterprise Solutions is designed to provide high-end, automated web intelligence and monitoring services for organizations of all sizes.

  • Q: How is batchSEARCH different from Screen Scraping or Web Harvesting programs?


1) batchSEARCH is keyword driven, user controlled and non-robotic; batchSEARCH is a multiple use tool with dozens of real world applications for amatuers and professionals alike - web harvesting and screen scraping are task specific, expensive, complex, and generally extract data utilizing crawling technology as opposed to browser requests.
2) batchSEARCH requires only the ability type in a search term or cut & paste a list of terms. Scrapers and harvesters are quite difficult to use and require HTML mapping, coding, intensive help tutorials, or paid professional help;
3) batchSEARCH is a live, on-screen, dynamic query entry web data research & extraction tool. Scraping and harvesting generally require a hard coded query list to robotically collect and store data;  our automated services are initiated with non-robotic selections of sites and keywords and render keyword driven, freely offered HTML page data only.
4) batchSEARCH features dynamic queries seeking targeted content, while harvesting features static programs seeking to crawl target directories and extract all content.
5) batchSEARCH is priced substantially lower than most scraping and harvesting programs and services.

  • Q: I own a website, can my visitors batch search my site?

A: Yes. Anyone can search, with single keywords or lists of them, ANY website using our application.  However, sites that are manually entered by our users deliver only generic results and snippets as opposed to actual product listings, images, prices, model numbers, etc.  Website owners using Enterprise to add their sites to our Featured Websites inventory can dicate what information is extracted and displayed during a search from our Site; we can then deliver the links, images, prices, descriptions, quantities and other data that website owners prefer their site visitors to see.

  • Q: Can I manually page through archives pages in chronological oder?

A: Yes. Please use the following links to peruse our archives by page:

Please consult the Terms of Service for additional information or email Us.

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