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Enterprise Solutions

Technology for your global monitoring & enforcement needs.

Enterprise Solutions delivers scalable, automated, powerful & cost-efficient web intelligence for organizations and entities of any size.  We offer an ideal tool for globally monitoring and managing your policies, property and prices.

Combine our patent pending technology with our strategic approach to sourcing the web data you need, and it's easy to see why batchSEARCH is the right choice.  We look forward to receiving your Request for Quote.  Thank you!

Crawling is not employed.

Query techniques are utilized to process requests. 

TOS are not violated as our method renders freely availble HTML.

Directories not crawled or mapped - produces light server loads.

Penetrate the Deep Web.

Keywords drive the search process.  Our process extracts data matches to your keywords, not indexed pages.

Risk is reduced & resources are preserved by eliminating robotic directory parsing and complete site crawls.

Client keyword feeds generate fast, lean, targeted website content extraction.

Server-friendly rendering.

Our proprietary page rendering technigue is the lightest & fastest on the web.  We make it freely availble on our home page for anyone to test.

Untargeted data, images, video and other excess are not requested or rendered.

Light client and host server load reduces risks and costs & increases reliability.     


Sample Keyword Drivers:

  • NSN or NIIN
  • Brand names
  • SKU, PLU, or UPC
  • Part or Model numbers
  • Product or service descriptions
  • Unique & proprietary identifiers



  • Data & links from top global websites
  • Data & links from specified websites
  • Targeted data, snippets, SERP #
  • PPC ad title, copy & company
  • Social web, blog & news data
  • RSS & FTP automated data feeds
  • Direct: MS SQL, My SQL, Oracle + more
  • Volume-based pricing & custom reports

Enterprise Solutions

Powerful, customized intelligence for organizations of all sizes.


Web Intelligence

Brand & channel analysis

Pricing & marketing analysis

MAP monitoring & enforcement

IP, Copyright & TM enforcement

Protect your property, thoroughly understand how your products and services are displayed, marketed and priced around the web, and gain global competitive advantage.

You can add the power of high volume, scheduled data feeds and custom programming to the unique versatility and embedded  power of the batchSEARCH application!

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