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Incredibly versatile & affordable SEM, SMO, SEO & SERP campaign tool!


  • Work with one keyword or adword - or a list 1000 items long.
  • Quickly grab organic page one placement: up to 15 SE/sites side-by-side.
  • Display & extract PPC ads from all Search Engines side-by-side.
  • Display indexed social web results - any keywords - any sites.


SEO Tool: Search a keyword on 15 sites or a list of keywords on up to 8 sites at once to instantly check your customer or competitor organic placement, web strategies, ads, and links.  Results from all SE's, or ANY site!

Fast, user controlled, dynamic, on-screen results!  Click here to read our blog article about using our application for SEO work or just start right now - SEO the batchSEARCH way!

SMO Tool: Are you showing up in the social web for your keywords?  Who is?  Try it now - enter your keyword in the search bar, click help, select Social Web and "Search".  You'll be amazed!

PPC Tool:  Display exact ad titles, ad copy, and advertiser URL's for any adword or list of adwords from Google, Yahoo, Ask & Bing side-by-side, on-screen, in real-time.  Click & save to Excel.  What ads dominate page 1?  Who's spending money?  Who is playing on Ask but avoiding Google?  You need PPC info - we got it!  Too good to be true?  NOT!  Try it now and see for yourself.

EZ Site Marketing 101:  Add Your Site! let you add your site or your SEO/SEM customer's website to the list of batchSEARCH home page Featured Websites! 

  • Our visitors see your site next to the global majors giving you prime time marketing visibility. 
  • Your site visitors can now search lists of up to 1000 keywords on your site.
  • This can create massive increases in your site clicks, time on site, page views and sales!

Keyword Rank Checking Tool: The fastest way on the web to find page one organic winners for 1 keyword, or an entire list up to 1000 keywords long.  Prove it to yourself right now

Link Building/Collecting Tool:  You want the most powerful link grabbing tool ever invented?  Pro members: drop in 1000 keywords or search terms | select 4 sites | enter 20 results per term | search = 80,000 hyperlinks ready to be saved to your hard drive with a click. 

Home of Web Search Diva!

Diva's web video stardom makes her a busy girl with no time to waste searching the web 1 site at a time.

Don't be a Silly Man!

Master the web like Diva. Use batchSEARCH today!

Search up to 15 websites at once

Enter single keywords or lists of keywords

Cut & Paste keyword lists up to 1000 items

Search results in real-time on 1 tab

Table, image, & folder view options

Instant web to Excel conversion

Powerful SEO, SMO & PPC tool

Precise, intuitive comparison shopping

Automated search + RSS result feeds

Get member benefits starting @ $5

Welcome to the Revolution.

Thanks, Diva!