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SMO Tool: Are you showing up in the social web for your keywords?  Who is?  Try it now - enter your keyword in the search bar, click Help, select Social Web and "Search".  You'll be amazed!

Media Analysis: The fastest way on the web to discover content from MSM, Indie news & the blogosphere.   See how corporate media is spinning a story compared to bloggers & Indies side-by-side!  There is no equal to batchSEARCH - we know it so we make it Free so you can figure it out too!  Try it now

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Recreational Web:  Is it really recreation?  Are you looking for something important or seeking rich new content?  Then bust out of your routine and batchSEARCH today - it's Free!  You'll be amazed where your result links will take you on the web.

Master the Social Web:  With one click, find out who is dominating page one of Facebook, Twitter and other key social,  blog, and news sites for the keywords you care about!

Games, mp3's, movies, pictures & more:  Stop wasting time hunting and pecking the web!  Search engines are great - but wait till you see results from Search Engines, blogs, social networks, Indie news, and retail stores side-by-side with one click!  Discover if the web really has what you're looking for...we bet you'll find fresh content you never would have found searching like Granny

Unprecedented Free Power!:  Whatever you're trying to accomplish on the web, the ability to search multiple sites and multiple terms with one click might help you do it better!  We offer paid plans for pros and high-volume users but make our technology free for all users to search 30 terms per day - every day!  Increase your efficiency and discover a brand new web!  If you like batchSEARCH, we won't bug you for donations but we'd appreciate your bookmark and shares using the header buttons!  Enjoy!

Home of Web Search Diva!

Diva's web video stardom makes her a busy girl with no time to waste searching the web 1 site at a time.

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