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Use batchSEARCH for demanding web research, monitoring & harvesting tasks!


  • Automate your searches and get results fed to you via email or RSS.
  • See results from all Search Engines side-by-side & penetrate the web!
  • Search 15 websites at once.  Drop in 1000 keywords & search with 1 Click. 
  • Use simple cutting & pasting to replace expensive mining & scraping programs.
  • Discover the data you need & download 1000's of prices and key URLs in seconds.
  • Analyze & extract prices from eBay, Google Shooping, Amazon, top Retail & more.


Research:  What does it mean?  "Re" is the intensive prefix.  "Intensive search" is what research means and that's the heart and soul of batchSEARCH.  We've built it for speed and efficiency.  Whether your needs are corporate, academic or personal, this tool will save you time and money but it will deliver much more than that!  Use batchSEARCH and open up a web you've never known - a web of side-by-side website content displays, blazing speed, and boundless search creativity.  Welcome to the Research "Re"volution!

Monitor your Property:  Do you own Intellectual Property, Trademarks, Copyrights, or Trade Names?  Are you in charge of enforcing Minimum Advertised Prices?  Well, congratualtions, you've found batchSEARCH and your work week just got a lot shorter.  Check out Enterprise Solutions if you have high-volume needs and consider Basic or Pro if your web intelligence and monitoring needs revolve around more than 30 keywords, which is the Guest user daily search limit. There is no faster, smarter, easier or more econmic way to globlally monitor a list of important search terms than by using batchSEARCH!  Now - go prove it to yourself with a free search!

Data Mining for Anyone:  Finding critical data from the Internet and  downloading it into a spreadsheet on your computer is given many fancy names - Data Mining, Web Harvesting, Page Scraping, Crawling, Fetching and more.  Well, at batchSEARCH we just call it "Save" - and it's a button you Click with your Mouse! 

Welcome to the user-friendly alternative to HTML mapping, directory crawling or paying 10's of thousands of dollars for programmers to devise complex programs.  Find the web data you need, right now, and store it on your hard drive.

Search the True Web:  Is Google the ultimate way to search?   With about 80 billion searches per month, it's easy to think so!  At batchSEARCH, we think Google might deliver the ultimate in Search Engine results for a keyword, but is that a search of the true web?  A conurrent search that displays parallel results from the social web, Indie media, MSM media, blogs, retail & auction sites might reveal a world of search results, side-by-side on your monitor in real-time, that you never thought possible.   Search the web concurrently, and discover the web that's been spun outside of Google's search bar!  Are you still reading?  Start searching - it's Free!

Home of Web Search Diva!

Diva's web video stardom makes her a busy girl with no time to waste searching the web 1 site at a time.

Don't be a Silly Man!

Master the web like Diva. Use batchSEARCH today!

Search up to 15 websites at once

Enter single keywords or lists of keywords

Cut & Paste keyword lists up to 1000 items

Search results in real-time on 1 tab

Table, image, & folder view options

Instant web to Excel conversion

Powerful SEO, SMO & PPC tool

Precise, intuitive comparison shopping

Automated search + RSS result feeds

Get member benefits starting @ $5

Welcome to the Revolution.

Thanks, Diva!