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batchSEARCH is a powerful & intuitive marketing and inventory tool!


  • Use the power of batch processing key lists to gain competitive advantage today.
  • Add your website to the batchSEARCH home page Featured Websites!
  • Powerful, versatile technology that delivers real-time solutions.
  • The best way to "get it" is to try it now - it's Free so go ahead!


eBay Store Owners:  Quickly search your store inventory to see what the competition is selling the same products for. Search current auctions for the real market price. See the bid price, “Buy it now” price and Best offer price. Quickly find out if your listings are making PAGE ONE of eBay!

Increase Page Views, Time on Site & Conversion Rates:  Enterprise Add Your Site! lets you add your site or your SEO/SEM customer's website to the Featured Websites on our home page! 

Our visitors see your site next to the global majors giving you prime time marketing visibility.  Your site visitors can now search lists of keywords on your site through the batchSEARCH engine instead of single terms via your current search bar.  This can create massive increases in your site clicks, time on site, page views and potential sales!

Business Price Comparison: Check out 1 item or 1000 at once & get instant price analysis from across the web.  Are you priced too high - or are you giving away the store?

Competitive Business Analysts: Research your competitors inventory, product prices, and whatever else is out there on the web about them. batchSEARCH is a powerful business intelligence tool that allows you to search multiple elements of your businesses competition at once.  Visit the Enterprise Solutions page if your needs relate to global, automated web intelligence for a larger organization.

Web Masters & Developers: Managing and developing a website often requires a lot of web research. From competitive analysis to price comparison to blog research, you have a long list of items and topics to search from. You have the lists created in word or excel already, so just copy and paste them into batchSEARCH. Then download the results into excel to sort through at your own pace.

Purchasing Managers: Buying can be a tedious process if you have to search your item list one by one. Those days are over with batchSEARCH. Simply cut and paste your inventory list into the search bar and get results for all your products at once.  Try it Free right now!

Parts Hunters & Dealers: Stop wasting hours searching 1 site at a time!  batchSEARCH it!

Home of Web Search Diva!

Diva's web video stardom makes her a busy girl with no time to waste searching the web 1 site at a time.

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Search up to 15 websites at once

Enter single keywords or lists of keywords

Cut & Paste keyword lists up to 1000 items

Search results in real-time on 1 tab

Table, image, & folder view options

Instant web to Excel conversion

Powerful SEO, SMO & PPC tool

Precise, intuitive comparison shopping

Automated search + RSS result feeds

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Welcome to the Revolution.

Thanks, Diva!